Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Moments

At the moment we are in the middle of winter. There are times like when my car is sliding backwards, mindlessly, down a dark, steep, snow covered country road that I might  wish for Springtime. Yet for the most part I enjoy the Winter especially on a frigid stone quiet night when the sky is crystal clear, flooded with the Milky Way galaxy spiraling above. That picture gets much better if the ground is covered with fresh snow.

The cycle of the seasons is refreshing to the soul. When we grow weary of the Winter there magically comes that first Springtime dawn when the songbirds awake and play their first morning concert outside your bedroom window. Now that can make me smile.

A book we read usually has a beginning and an ending.  If we enjoyed the book we might one day read it again. A season has a beginning and an ending. Here we have no choice, we will experience it again and again. This is the beauty of the natural world and the life we experience. It cycles us through rotations of natural births and deaths and with this our souls are refreshed.

Most of our daily lives are spent surrounded by the artificial world that we have created for ourselves and others. It is so far removed from the truths of nature that we sometimes ignore what is most important to us as human beings. It has always been true that the majority has tried their best to distance themselves from nature. The automobile, Air conditioning, central heating, Mega grocery stores, Super everything. To walk, to experience the cold, to sweat in the humid heat, to plant a seed, these can be healing experiences. Comfort can be addicting. All addictions eventually become harmful to yourself or those around you. Nature is a teacher and a healer. The lesson of the seasons is one of balance.  (To Be Continued)